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Wearable Computers

RS6100 Series Bluetooth Wearable Scanner


RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner

Maximum Versatility, Power and Performance.
Introducing Zebra’s most powerful and versatile wearable scanner—the RS6100. It’s small and practically weightless—just half the size and weight of its predecessor, the RS6000. Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device for cordless operation—or connect to select Zebra mobile devices with a corded adapter to eliminate the need for batteries. Five interchangeable wearing styles ensure comfort for every worker. It’s rugged and ready to use everywhere—including the freezer. And it’s always in service with its swappable battery.

Benefits of the RS6100

Cold Storage RS6100 Long Range- Scan - Warehouse Application Photo 5:4 3600.
An unmatched advanced scanning range
An unmatched advanced scanning range

The SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine with Intellifocus™ technology provides more than twice the scanning range of the RS6000, able to capture barcodes on items in hand and on the top shelf of a rack—from 2 in./5.08 cm to 40 ft./12.2 m. Capture barcodes in virtually any condition with Zebra’s exclusive PRZM software. And with the highest resolution sensor in its class, the RS6100 can capture even the smallest, densest barcodes

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Five Interchangeable Wearing Styles
Five Interchangeable Wearing Styles

The Enterprise Hand Mount is available in a range of sizes for right and left hands for a custom fit. The single finger mount is available with a single or double trigger. A vibrating trigger signals an error, allowing users to instantly take corrective action. The low profile of the ambidextrous one-size-fits-all Back of Hand Mount is ideal for picking in small spaces. And the retractable lanyard can be worn on a belt or around the neck, always in reach, yet out of the way.

RS6100 Back-of-Hand Mount Loading Barcode Scanning - Warehouse Application Hero Image 5x4 3600
Rugged and ready to work everywhere—including the freezer
Rugged and ready to work everywhere—including the freezer

The rugged RS6100 is triple tested for durability—sealing, drop and tumble. Put it to work in just about any environment—from freezers and coolers to warehouse aisles and out on the dock in the sweltering heat and subzero cold, rain and snow. And only the RS6100 is drop tested is across the entire temperature range—no need to worry about the effect of extreme cold or heat on the plastics.

Mobility DNA - Your Mobile Computer's Built-in Advantage

Zebra Mobility DNA is a suite of enterprise solutions designed to help maximize mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities over the lifespan of a Zebra computer, tablet or wearable device. Our secure solutions help support every stage of your device’s lifecycle, simplifying device lifecycle management and lowering total cost of ownership.

Additional Software Features

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Zebra VisibilityIQ™
Zebra VisibilityIQ™

VisibilityIQ puts Zebra device data intelligence into your hands when and how you need it with different solutions and dashboards that provide you with the business intelligence needed to improve productivity and get the most out of your investment.


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