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Aurora Vision for OEM Software

Combined with our deep learning expertise and a dedicated team of machine vision engineers, Zebra Aurora Vision solutions help customers develop visual-based sensing and analytics capabilities for greater visibility into the status and condition of their goods and assets.

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OEM Software

Intuitive Software for Industrial Image Analysis

With a suite of graphical software, our expanded OEM portfolio helps users easily create custom machine vision applications. These new software products combine with our deep learning expertise and dedicated team of machine vision engineers to help customers develop visual-based sensing and analytics capabilities that give them greater visibility into the status and condition of their goods and assets.

Easily Create Custom Machine Vision Applications

Enhanced and optimized by machine vision experts for nearly 15 years, Zebra Aurora Vision software is renowned for its ease of use – and the power it brings to all varieties of vision applications. Whatever customers want to capture, Aurora Vision software makes it easy.

Comprehensive OEM Software Portfolio

Our comprehensive portfolio of Aurora Vision software products can be used by enterprises in a wide range of verticals to develop both simple and advanced vision applications quickly and easily. They can help your customers define and monitor the physical characteristics of any product or packaging – to assess whether an individual item or pack of products meets pre-determined quality standards.

Save Time, Cost, and Resources

Adding vision capabilities to any workflow application gives your customers far more information about the physical state of a product than a simple barcode can provide. The adoption and easy integration of machine vision capabilities into real-world industrial imaging applications helps enterprises save time, cost, and resources while protecting end customers as well as their own brand value.

Powerful Simplicity for Complex Projects

Aurora Vision Studio™

Aimed at machine and computer vision engineers, Aurora Vision Studio software enables users to quickly create, integrate, and monitor powerful machine vision applications without the need to write a single line of code.

Complete Custom Programming Control

Aurora Vision Library™

Designed for experienced programmers proficient in vision applications, Aurora Vision Library provides the same sophisticated functionality as our Aurora Studio software but presented in programming language.

Deep Learning to Further Enhance Solution Quality

Aurora Deep Learning™

This add-on product offers a complete set of industrial-quality deep learning tools that can be used to solve problems that are far too complex for traditional machine vision algorithms and further enhance the outputs of Aurora Vision Studio and Aurora Vision Library software.


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