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Industrial Printers

220Xi4 Industrial Label Printer



Designed for Applications that Require Labels Wider than 6 inches
Designed for fast printing of chemical drum and other wide-label applications, count on high-performance when you trust the rugged reliability of this thermal printer.

Benefits of the 220Xi4

Designed for High-Volume Labeling
Designed for High-Volume Labeling

The Zebra 220Xi4 printer is legendary for durability, outstanding print quality, long life and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications. These qualities make them an ideal smart investment for businesses that require wide labels.

Easy to Integrate
Easy to Integrate

The Zebra 220Xi4 is easy to integrate with a variety of network connections. The front panel display simplifies setup and has an optional customizable menu and support for a wide assortment of languages.

Genuine Zebra Supplies
Genuine Zebra Supplies

Genuine Zebra supplies ensure consistently outstanding quality. We never substitute materials, so you get reliable performance while avoiding premature printhead wear.

Additional Software Features

ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise
ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise

ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise enables your IT staff to centrally deploy, manage and monitor your Zebra printers, while lowering costs and increasing uptime.


ZebraDesigner software helps you quickly and easily design labels for your business. Download today.

Part of the Print DNA Suite

Mirror allows you to centrally manage the configuration of Zebra printers over a wired and/or wireless network using FTP communications.

Print Supplies

The quality of your printing supplies images and their physical integrity are critical to the continuity of your operations. Choosing the high quality and reliability of Zebra Certified Supplies for use with your Zebra thermal printer offers great advantages.

Zebra Certified Supplies

RFID Labels and Tags

Zebra's RFID labels and tags come in a variety of sizes and materials and work with Zebra thermal printers to meet your needs.

Zebra Certified Supplies

Barcode Labels and Tags

Zebra's barcode labels and tags include paper and synthetic materials for thermal transfer or direct thermal printing.

Front facing view of a Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T white supply
Zebra Certified Supplies

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Zebra's selection of thermal transfer ribbons includes wax, resin and wax/resin formulations that are perfect for your thermal printer.

Front facing view of a Zebra wax resin ribbon supply


Realize the full potential of your Zebra devices with convenient and affordable accessories.

Accessory Printhead Kit
Zebra Genuine Printheads

Maintain top performance of your Printer with a genuine Zebra printhead. Zebra printers and printheads are designed, tested, manufactured and certified as a complete system to ensure optimal print quality and printhead life.

Accessory Cutter Upgrade Kit
Media Handling Accessories

Zebra offers a range of field installable media handling options to extend the functionality of your printer. These include cutters, label peel and present and internal rewinders.

Accessory Wireless Print Server
Wireless Print Server

ZebraNet Wireless b/g Print Server.


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Experience Zebra's Partner Ecosystem

See how our global community of over 10,000 partners in 54 countries can provide a performance edge to your front-line workers and improve your business outcomes. Visit our New Partner Locator and contact and authorized Zebra Partner today.