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Interactive Kiosks

CC600 and CC6000 Customer Concierge


CC600, CC6000

Transform the Customer Experience With the Ultimate in Self-Service
Put the ultimate in concierge-style service at your customers’ fingertips with the CC600 and CC6000. Available in 5-inch and 10-inch models, these kiosks give customers the best of online and in-store shopping, with the convenient self-service capabilities they expect, and more. Support for the latest technology and a cutting-edge Android platform take customer engagement to a whole new level, while powerful tools make it easy to develop applications, integrate, deploy, and manage your kiosks.

Awards & Certifications

Benefits of the CC600 and CC6000

A Superior Self-Service Experience

Whatever your users are looking to do, count on the CC600 and CC6000 to deliver the best possible experience. You get the latest self-service platform — with Android, an ultra-powerful processor, high-definition multi-touch display, Zebra’s industry leading barcode scanning, and more.

Flexible Development Tools Maximize Your Kiosk Deployment

Zebra’s Enterprise Mobility Development Kit lets you take full advantage of kiosk functionality, with a comprehensive set of APIs and sample code that simplify the coding process—reducing development time, effort and errors. With Enterprise Browser, a free Mobility DNA tool, you can build feature-rich web apps or run your existing web apps.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

A slim design, standard VESA mounting and support for Power-over-Ethernet make these kiosks easy to deploy anywhere you need them. Your IT department will find them easier to integrate and manage thanks to Zebra’s powerful Mobility DNA suite of utilities and management tools. And you can even manage your kiosks with AirWatch or SOTI MobiControl.

Mobility DNA - Your Mobile Computer's Built-in Advantage

Zebra Mobility DNA is a suite of enterprise solutions designed to help maximize mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities over the lifespan of a Zebra computer, tablet or wearable device. Our secure solutions help support every stage of your device’s lifecycle, simplifying device lifecycle management and lowering total cost of ownership.

Additional Software Features

Enterprise Mobility Development Kit

Zebra's Enterprise Mobility Development Kit (EMDK) for Android mobile computers contains a comprehensive set of APIs and sample code.

Part of the Mobility DNA Suite
Enterprise Browser

Enterprise Browser is a powerful industrial browser that enables developers to build feature-rich web applications for Zebra mobile computers.

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Zebra VisibilityIQ™

VisibilityIQ puts Zebra device data intelligence into your hands when and how you need it with different solutions and dashboards that provide you with the business intelligence needed to improve productivity and get the most out of your investment.

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