Profile Manager Enterprise

Want to minimize printer management time and cost and maximize printer uptime? With Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, you can. You get the most fully featured remote printer management solution in this class, allowing you to easily manage all your Zebra Link-OS® printers from a single location, no matter where they are located.

With the simple-to-use self-installer, setup is fast and easy. Every Link-OS printer on the network is easily discovered and connected to the management console – time workers used to spend walking throughout your facility to locate, configure and troubleshoot printers can now be spent on more crucial tasks. No matter how complex your configuration needs may be, the intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through over 300 settings to quickly and easily create your printer configurations with just a handful of ‘clicks’. You’re in complete charge of when your printers are updated — automatically when the printer is powered up and first discovered or on a specific date and time to minimize business disruption. And a direct encrypted connection provides the built-in enterprise security you need to protect your sensitive data — and comply with standard IT practices.

See it live:

Run Printer Profile Manager Enterprise (Cloud-based instance)
User Name: demo
Password: Password1&

Watch the printers live as you interact with them in Profile Manager Enterprise.
(Requires Chrome v50 or later)