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Device Tracker

Easily Track and Find Missing Zebra Android Mobile Devices

Your Zebra Android mobile devices are an important part of your business strategy — every time a device is misplaced, it impacts workforce productivity and your return on investment. Now, Device Tracker makes it easy to track and find all your lost and misplaced Zebra Android devices. It’s easy to deploy. No additional infrastructure is required. The result? Maximum device availability. Maximum return on investment. And maximum workforce productivity.

  • Always Available At-a-Glance Tracking Dashboard

    The Web-based dashboard automatically collects and displays key tracking information for all of your supported WiFi-connected Android devices. At a glance, you can see the device name, the access point it is currently connected to, remaining battery charge level, the last time the device was detected and any alerts associated with the device.

  • Protect Device Availability With Alerts

    You can trigger an alert when a device has not reported into Device Tracker within a time period you specify or when the battery level dips below your selected threshold and is in danger of becoming invisible. As a result, you can take immediate action to find missing devices – and preserve device visibility in Device Tracker.

  • Built-In Geiger-Count Makes it Easy to Find Devices

    Turn your Zebra Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled Android mobile devices into Geiger-counters to easily find missing devices. The proximity indicator estimates how far you are from the missing device, and whether you are moving closer or farther away. And since you can trigger the device to ring, it’s easy to find, even if it’s out of sight.

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