LifeGuard™ for Android™

A Lifetime Security Guard for Your Zebra Rugged Android Mobile Devices

Help protect your Zebra mobile devices from cyber-attacks with LifeGuard for Android, part of the Zebra mDNA family of solutions that helps maximize enterprise mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities over the lifespan of Zebra mobile device. LifeGuard delivers the regular OS updates required to stay on top of emerging security threats, while always allowing you to migrate to new versions at your own pace. Reports provide the visibility you need to easily manage and monitor the update process. Beginning with Android 11, you get more control over the management of security updates through new options — including a new Auto-Update feature, Dynamic Packaging to update with a single smaller file, plus support for Google A/B streaming to update silently in the background. And a full year of LifeGuard support on your current version is included with any Zebra OneCare contract — plus coverage that goes well beyond warranty to keep your Zebra devices and your operations up and running smoothly.

Compatibility, Downloads and Manuals

The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Maximum Simplicity with Automatic Updates

    Easily opt into LifeGuard for Android 11’s new Auto Update feature for ‘no-touch’ effortless security updates. Devices update automatically over the air. No actions are required by your IT department. And since updates occur in the background, your mobile users are never disrupted.

  • Maximum Control with Flexible Automation

    Get control over every aspect of your security updates. Via your supported EMM, you define which updates take place on which devices, when and how — over Wi-Fi or cellular networks or both, only when devices are cradled or not in use, and more.

  • Manual Control Over Security Updates

    No EMM? No problem. With LifeGuard for Android 11, simply locate and download the update files you need from and use Zebra’s Mobility DNA StageNow to manually update your Zebra Android devices.

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