Security Commitment

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Securing Your Performance Edge

Protect Your Performance Edge

Security is critical to business and workflows, so when you add new technology you don’t want to introduce risk. That’s why Zebra proactively guards against security vulnerabilities by integrating multiple layers of protection. Zebra devices, solutions and services are designed with security in mind, without hindering productivity. You’ll find our security is easy to deploy and seamless to your frontline workers. With our smart, configurable technology, you can balance operational objectives with security, in real time, in the real world. Count on Zebra to provide peace of mind that helps you implement your business and technology strategies at the edge.

Committed to Designing Secure Solutions

As the world becomes more interconnected, your organization's network and sensitive data become more vulnerable to unlawful access. See how Zebra is committed to designing enterprise devices, solutions and services with security in mind, with ongoing updates to keep you performing at the edge.

Securing Enterprise Devices, Solutions and Services

A lifetime security guard for your Zebra Android mobile devices. Extended security support with regular security patch updates.

PrintSecure makes it easy to configure your printers to use secure connections, block unwanted access and ensure your data and infrastructure are protected.

Utilizing secure data platforms we provide insight into the health and inventory of Zebra devices to maximize your ROI.

Zebra DNA is built-in intelligence giving Zebra hardware exponential power, and fortifying device security from the inside out.

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