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RhoMobile: Now Open Source

To encourage and expand opportunities for innovation, Zebra is committed to building a thriving developer community that enhances RhoMobile beyond what Zebra can do alone. To accomplish this, we've decided to move RhoMobile Suite to open source.

Developers and organizations will find that the collaborative nature of open source facilitates faster innovation. And with open source code, users can potentially see better software designed with minimal dependencies and stable APIs.

For more on the many benefits an open sourced Rhomobile will bring to developers, now and into the future, visit our Launchpad.

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The foundation of RhoMobile Suite, Rhodes is an open-source cross-platform development framework for rapidly building native apps.

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RhoStudio allows for development, debugging and testing of cross-platform enterprise apps with single tool simplicity.

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For access to built-in APIs for bar code scanning and RFID, support for the widest range of operating systems and more, developers can count on the value-added functionality of RhoElements.

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Our integration server RhoConnect allows for fast, simple synchronization with backend business data and synchronization for offline use.

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