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FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Easily integrate high quality scanning into your network

FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner, front facing, right
FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner, rear facing, right

The increasing demands of international commerce and its global supply chain are pressuring companies to deliver more — and to do it faster. From manufacturing to logistics to the end customer, success is driven by the ability to quickly move and track the products that drive your business.

Address it all with the compact Zebra FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner.1 With the FS20, it’s easy to track and trace every item as it moves through production, storage and fulfillment. Scan barcodes on components moving through your assembly line to ensure the right part is used at the right time — and enable rapid targeted recalls of products that contain defective parts. Scan barcodes on items as they are placed on warehouse shelves to provide visibility into real time inventory. And scan barcodes when fulfilling orders to ensure the right items are sent to the right customer. Whatever you want to track and trace, the FS20 makes it easy.

1 Some features available in a future release. Contact your Zebra Partner or sales representative for more information.


Aurora™ Software 

Intuitive platform that makes it  easy to set up, deploy, and run the FS20

ImagePerfectCapture up to 3 different images of a single item
License Upgrades

Decoder Packages and Machine Vision Toolsets

Communication ProtocolsEthernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, RS-232
For all specifications Download The Full Spec Sheet

The FS20 — Enable performance. Inspire potential. Experience the difference with Zebra.
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