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An all-in-one packing slip solution

At Zebra®, we’ve built our name by providing the most reliable printing solutions. Now, Zebra is bringing a patent-pending solution to the shipping department. Currently your packing slip information is sent to your laser printer. You fold the slip once, twice, three times. You slide the slip into the sleeve, remove the liner and slap the sleeve onto the box. How long does it take you to do one of these? 20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute? There has got to be an easier way. And there is. Simply pair Zebra’s new Z-Slip packing slip material with a compatible industrial Zebra printer, and you’ve got a fast, reliable, all-in-one packing slip solution. Just print, peel and apply, and you’ve got a package that’s ready to ship.

Z-Slip Packing Slip Solution Spec Sheet Photo

Increases shipping efficiency

The average time to print and apply a traditional packing slip is 40 seconds. In comparison, it takes on average 11 seconds to print and apply Z-Slip. For a distribution center shipping 1000 packages per day, Z-Slip can offer a savings up to 29 seconds per package, 8 hours per day and 2000 hours per year.

An Outside Packing List is Better

If you currently put packing list information into a box because of the time it takes to print and apply the traditional packing list, consider what happens when a package is sent to the wrong location. Somebody must now open the box and identify its contents. If the products aren’t labeled, this forces the shipping department to play detective to find the correct recipient — resulting in lost time. If no recipient is found, the package may end up “lost,” forcing the shipper to resend. Avoid these problems with Zebra’s Z-Slip packing slip solution.

Count on Consistently Exceptional Performance with Zebra Certified Supplies

Printing supplies can impact everything from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why we design, produce and rigorously test our own line of thermal printing supplies to ensure consistent, optimized performance. We utilize an ISO9001 certified, 23-point quality inspection to ensure consistent quality - and we use consistent materials. No matter when you order your labels, you can count on the same great performance.

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Material Construction



White smooth coated direct thermal paper
5.9 mil


All-temp, acrylic-based
0.9 mil


Clear polypropylene
2.1 mil

Temperature Performance

Minimum Application
23° F (-5° C)
Service Temperature-20° F to 131° F (-29° C to 55° C)
Optimal Storage Conditions72° F (22° C) at 50% RH
Expected Exterior LifeNot recommended for outdoor use

Chemical Resistance

Weak Chemicals 
Body FluidRecommended
Salt WaterRecommended
Window CleanerRecommended
Moderate Chemicals 
Harsh Chemicals 
Extreme Chemicals 
IR ReflowRecommended

Recommended Printers


Zebra industrial printers

Material Testing in End Application

The information contained in this document is to be used for guidance only and is not intended for use in setting specifications. All purchasers of Zebra products shall be solely responsible for independently determining if the product conforms to all requirements of their unique application.

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