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Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt

Direct thermal smooth uncoated receipt paper

Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt paper delivers high-quality print at an economical price while maximizing the number of receipts per roll. This direct thermal bright white uncoated receipt paper is designed to last – with high-quality images and text that ensure your receipts will remain readable during their useful life. With the lowest cost per square inch among Zebra’s receipt solutions, Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt Paper Spec Sheet Photo

Print Confident. Print Quality. Print Zebra.

Our material sciences experts have pre-tested, selected, and certified the highest-performing receipt papers to meet your application’s durability, image quality and archival requirements, as well as your budget. We perform extensive testing for print quality and printer wear and tear. And Zebra is ISO 9001 certified. We adhere to consistent processes and never swap out materials. No matter when you order your receipt paper, you can count on the same consistent performance.

Minimize receipt paper rolls changes during a shift

With Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt, you get maximum footage per roll. That means fewer roll changes during a shift for maximum productivity.

Archivable up to 10 years

Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt offers resistance to image fading. When printed to its optimum image density and when handled and stored correctly, printed images will remain legible for 10 years (refer to Archive Conditions in Specifications)

Customize your receipts

Zebra can customize your receipts to reduce printer workload and/or enable you to communicate standard information to your customers. We can pre-print your company logo, instructions, return information, terms and conditions, watermarks and more. By pre-printing standard fields, you can reduce printer workload and extend the battery life of your mobile printers.

Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil Receipt – high-quality print, with fewer roll changes at an economical price.

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Material Construction


FacestockWhite smooth uncoated paper 2.1 mil
EnvironmentIndoor use; cold temperature compatible (+/-10%)

Temperature Performance

Service temperature range1-40°F to 140°F / -40°C to 60°C

Recommended Printers and Settings


Direct thermal printer (no ribbon)

Zebra mobile, desktop, industrial and kiosk thermal printers

Tone settings (with Speed: 3; Contrast: 0) 

iMZ220, iMZ230: 25
ZQ320, ZQ310: 10
QLn220, QLn320, ZQ610, ZQ620: 20
RW420, RW220: 10
ZQ510, ZQ511, ZQ520, ZQ521: 20
QLn420, ZQ630: 0

Product Performance and Suitability

Recommended storage conditions (before use)Less than 77°F (25°C) at 45% to 65% RH
Expected life span in application2

Indoor use, up to 1 year
Indoor archive use, up to 10 years

Archive Conditions

Zebra expects but does not warrant the printed image durability on this product will last for 10 years, when stored according to specific archive conditions. 

Image durability varies based on the printer contrast setting. When the image is printed at the optimal contrast setting, the product should achieve 10 years of archivability, as long as the storage conditions are adhered to.

When printed, the product should be archived at a temperature less than 77ºF with a relative humidity of 45 - 65%. The product should be archived in the dark, avoiding direct sunlight, fluorescent and similar UV light sources. The printed receipt should also not come into contact with heat, water, solvents, cleaners, plasticizers, and oils (including vegetable oils and skin oils), and they need to be stored with compatible materials.

Regulatory and Compliance

BPA free

Material Testing in End Application

The information contained in this document is to be used for guidance only and is not intended for use in setting specifications. All purchasers of Zebra products shall be solely responsible for independently determining if the product conforms to all requirements of their unique application.


Supplies are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of shipment. For the complete warranty statement, please visit


1.  Media will withstand this temperature range.

2. Following correct printing guidelines, we expect, but do not warrant, a life span as indicated

Markets and Applications


  • Delivery receipts for mobile applications


  • Packing lists


  • Mobile point-of-sale and coupon printing


  • Airline boarding passes


  • Electronic citations for law enforcement
  • Parking fines


  • Mobile invoice and receipt printing

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