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Printer Ribbons Quality Testing Video 4:3

Quality-Tested Thermal Ribbons Give You Consistent, Premium Performance

Inferior thermal ribbons can lead to failed label performance, damaged printheads, lost productivity and ultimately reduced profits. Avoid it. With Zebra, you’re guaranteed premium print quality and performance consistency every time. How? Our supplies R&D team performs stringent quality tests to ensure our ribbons consistently deliver the best print quality and durability. What’s your result? Prolonged printhead life, decreased total cost of ownership and exceptional scanning performance.

Rigorously Tested to Perform
Rigorously Tested to Perform

We take quality seriously. Our supplies R&D team performs stringent print quality, durability and printhead life tests after printing on a wide range of material types, at various speeds within Zebra printers. So, you can rely on maximum printer up-time and scannable labels.

Find Your Match
Find Your Match

Choose from wax, wax/resin and resin formulations to meet the durability demands of your application when ideally matched to our thermal transfer materials. They are available for all of Zebra’s industrial and desktop printers. And, Zebra’s wax/resin and resin ribbons are UL certified.

Zero Substitutions
Zero Substitutions

At Zebra, we never substitute ribbons. So, you know you’ll receive the same formulation every time you order. This means consistent and reliable print quality and durability, eliminating potential interruptions to your operations.

Front view of Zebra Wax Ribbons

Wax Ribbons

Works Best for Most Applications

Ideal for Use:

  • With paper materials
  • Where fast print speeds are required (Up to 12 ips)
  • In environments with little to no exposure to chemicals and/or abrasion

Wax Ribbon Features

Ribbon FormulationRibbon Availability by Printer TypeKey FeaturesUL CertifiedResources
1600 EconomyIndustrial and DesktopProvides good print performance at the best price. Works best for most general-purpose, short-term labeling applications.NA1600 Economy Spec Sheet
6000 StandardIndustrial and Desktop
Offers excellent print quality at high speeds and superior abrasion resistance when compared with conventional wax ribbons.
NA6000 Standard Spec Sheet
2000 High-PerformanceIndustrial and Desktop

Produces high-quality rotated barcodes at high print speeds.

NA2000 High-Performance Spec Sheet
2100 High-PerformanceIndustrial and Print Engines

Designed to deliver consistent performance over extended periods, making them ideal for use in Zebra Print Engines and Industrial Printers for high-volume printing applications.

NA2100 High-Performance Spec Sheet
Front view of Zebra Wax/Resin Ribbons

Wax/Resin Ribbons

Provides Good Abrasion and Chemical Resistance

Ideal for Use:

  • With top-coated paper and matte synthetic materials
  • In environments with moderate to harsh exposure to chemicals and/or abrasion

Wax/Resin Ribbon Features

Ribbon FormulationRibbon Availability by Printer TypeKey FeaturesUL CertifiedResources
6100 StandardIndustrial and Desktop
A cost-effective ribbon that can be used on a wide range of materials, reducing the need to stock multiple ribbons.
Yes6100 Standard Spec Sheet
3200 High-PerformanceIndustrial and Desktop
Offers very good resistance to scratches and smears, everyday chemicals and higher temperatures when compared with conventional wax/resin ribbons.
Yes3200 High-Performance Spec Sheet
Front view of Zebra Resin Ribbons

Resin Ribbons

Unmatched Print Quality and Durability

Ideal for Use:

  • With all synthetic materials and some topcoated labels and tags
  • In environments with harsh to extreme exposure to chemicals
  • When applications require strong resistance against ultra high temperatures and harsh outdoor environments

Resin Ribbon Features

Ribbon FormulationRibbon Availability by Printer TypeKey FeaturesUL CertifiedResources
6200 StandardIndustrial and Desktop
Exhibits high print quality when printing dense barcodes and high-resolution graphics, while performing exceptionally well in environments prone to harsh chemicals and excess abrasion.
Yes6200 Standard Spec Sheet
5095 High-PerformanceIndustrial and Desktop (includes cartridge)
Provides excellent chemical and temperature resistance, and features superb print quality, particularly when small fonts, graphics and rotated barcodes are desired.


5095 High-Performance Spec Sheet
5100 PremiumIndustrial and DesktopOffers excellent print quality and durability in ultra high temperatures and harsh outdoor environments.Yes5100 Premium Spec Sheet
Image LockIndustrial and Desktop (includes cartridge)
Formulated to provide superior image durability without the use of a laminate. Excellent for extreme environments. Compatible with Zebra's Z-Extreme 5000T and 8000T Image Lock materials.
YesImage Lock Spec Sheet
View of specialty paper label being applied to electronics

Get Replacement Printheads* with Zebra Certified Supplies

Exclusively purchase Zebra Certified Supplies to benefit from great printhead replacement offers. Make the most out of your Zebra printer with our Printhead Protection Programme.

*Subject to T&Cs


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