What Are OEM Scan Engines?

What is an OEM Scan Engine?

An OEM scan engine is the part that is integrated into your barcode scanning device that decodes different barcode labels in your business operations. These scan engines can be used for your 1D and 2D scanning, images, signatures, RFID tags, direct part marks, and more. With 1D and 2D scan engines, you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate industry-leading barcode scanning into your products at whatever range is required. In addition, you can always have the latest technology in your devices with ease. These scan engines can be implemented into devices such as fixed mount scanners, OEM handheld scanners, OEM micro kiosks, OEM RFID products, and OEM mobile computers.

What are the different types of OEM Scan Engines?

When differentiating OEM scan engines, you can break them up into three categories: array imager, linear imager, and laser scan engines.

Array Imager Scan Engines

Array imager scan engines are one of the most versatile, depending on the solution you are looking for. They are ideal for both enterprise and consumer use. Array imagers come with the capability to handle OCR, document and image capture with a scanning range that varies from near to extended based on your operational needs. These engines can be implemented in a variety of uses such as demanding industrial environments, mobile computers, medical and diagnostic instruments, lottery and payment terminals, PRZM barcode capture, gaming, banking, mobile POS devices, scanning sleds/sleeves, kiosks, access control systems, and consumer devices.

Linear Imager Scan Engines

Linear imager scan engines provide affordable 1D scanning to a wide variety of products. They are a 1-piece engine with an on-board decoder and serial host interface. The low-profile design is ideal for space constrained products. These are designed for consumer use and provide standard range scanning capabilities. The engine can be used for medical equipment, test tube barcodes, time cards, identity management, control access at gates, and lottery kiosks.

Laser Scan Engines

For laser scan engines, they are a 1-piece engine with a serial host interface. These are designed for enterprise and consumer use and provide standard and mid-range scanning capabilities. The engines can be implemented in handheld mobile computers, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment, lottery terminals, and your robotics solutions.

Where can an OEM solution be applied?

Retail and Hospitality

Keep customers’ business operations up to date well into the future – quickly, reliably and cost effectively. This solution an help extend your brand identity, and enhance your offerings.


OEM solutions help improve patient safety, increase staff productivity and meet regulatory requirements, quickly and cost-effectively.

Technology and mPOS

Complement your payment solution with reliable, secure and affordable OEM technology that will aid in customer experiences faster and friction-free.


Increase productivity, product variants, visibility and flexibility in your manufacturing operations while reducing costs.

Gaming and Lottery

Provide new barcode scanning and real-time data touch points for your gaming operators. Offer everything to ensure engaging and profitable guest or player experiences.


Give your customers seamless ticketing technologies for shorter queuing times, improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)

Create self-service kiosk solutions for fast food restaurants, streamlining ordering, increasing revenues and meeting customer requests quickly and reliably.

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