Employee at Blaine's Farm and Fleet store
Success Story

Blain's Farm and Fleet Enhances Efficiency with Zebra Workcloud™ Solutions

Blain's Farm and Fleet, a family-owned Midwest retailer, refers to itself as a modern general store, serving customers in-store and online. The business faced challenges with its outdated separate scheduling and time and attendance system which was implemented in the early 90s.

Blain's Farm & Fleet


Blain's Farm and Fleet wanted a single integrated software solution to provide a more seamless experience for management teams and associates. In order to streamline its operations, the company chose to implement Zebra's Workcloud solutions to increase associate mobility, visibility and improve the overall associate experience.

Benefits / Outcomes

  • Improved productivity metrics such as sales per labor hour, wages as a percent of sales and reduction in work hours by 7%
  • Associates can access their schedules, time punches and submit time-off requests from their mobile devices, improving overall efficiency
  • A more seamless experience for management teams and associates, facilitating process improvement and efficiency within the organization

Blain's Farm & Fleet
Janesville, Wisconsin/USA


Zebra Workcloud Scheduling
Zebra Workcloud Time Keeping


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