Philadephia's voting equipment in a warehouse
Success Story

Philadelphia Department of Elections Gains Real-Time Insight into Voting Materials and Equipment Returns

The City deployed Zebra's RFID mobile computers and fixed RFID readers equipped with InThing's Voting Equipment Tracking Software (VETS) to eliminate logjams in the returns process and more accurately track the movements of voting equipment and materials.

City of Philadelpha Department of Elections


Election officials needed to upgrade the pen-and-paper method of tracking voting equipment, accessories and ballot materials. The manual recording method was a timely process that created long lines when materials were returned after the polls had closed. The City wanted to speed up the process and gain real-time insight into where the materials were at a given time.

Benefits / Outcomes

Zebra's fixed RFID readers and RFID mobile computers were equipped with InThing's VETS to provide the City with a tamper-proof chain of custody for voting materials. Materials were delivered without error to polling centers, and returns were automated with reconciliation happening in real time. Police officers were discharged from their election duties sooner. It is estimated the new solution saves hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in each election cycle.


City of Philadelphia Department of Elections
Philadelphia, PA/USA


InThing Corporation
Santa Clara, CA/USA


MC3300xR UHF RFID Reader
FX9600 Fixed RFID Readers


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