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Leverage Zebra Experts To Deploy Large-Scale Projects and Intelligent Edge Solutions

When deploying large-scale projects and intelligent edge solutions end-to-end, companies need assurance the installation will deliver the intended ROI. With 40 years of leadership in connected edge devices, Zebra ensures the success of your deployments with Program Management, a Zebra Signature Service. When done right, technology implementations allow you to act upon real-time data to improve operational processes, identify new sources of revenue and transform business outcomes. Zebra Program Management goes beyond routine processes, bringing best practices and refinements that come from unparalleled domain experience in technology deployment services. Program Management services implement your project with minimal risks and maximum outcomes aligned with your strategic objectives.

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  • Benefit From a Well Managed Implementation

    Zebra engagements begin with thoroughly communicated and carefully managed planning and design, and end with a successful transition to Support and Managed Services. By ensuring your complex project stays on point, Zebra experts allow you to confidently and rapidly implement Zebra technology.

  • Transfer Project Risks to Industry Leaders

    Zebra experts in program management services know Zebra products and solutions like no one else. By leveraging Zebra experts to project manage the deployment of your Zebra technology, you avoid potential constraints with internal IT, difficulties with complex logistics, missed commitments, and poor end-user satisfaction.

  • Realize Your ROI Faster

    With large projects and (IES) implementations, even small oversights can have enterprise-wide impacts. Lack of familiarity with these projects and their unique requirements can cause delays, cost over-runs, and missed benefits. Zebra program management services streamline the integration and implementation so you can realize a greater ROI faster.

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