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ScanSpeed Analytics

You may not even realize it, but problematic barcodes are hindering your profitability. With patented technology, Zebra’s ScanSpeed Analytics software helps you visually identify barcodes that slow down your processes and impact your efficiency. Over time, you can use the collected data to eliminate poor performing barcodes from your inventory. When your scanners capture and read data faster, your processes run faster.

Benefits of ScanSpeed Analytics

Identify Poor-Performing Barcodes

Poorly printed or out-of-spec barcodes can negatively impact your business. ScanSpeed Analytics automatically charts every barcode that gets scanned by its symbology and decode time. Across your fleet, you can easily identify the poorest performers and take action.

The Picture Proves It

Showing your vendors issues with their poor-performing barcodes is simple with ScanSpeed Analytics. By sharing the automatically captured images of troublesome barcodes, they can rectify the issue. Or, you can simply use the visual aid to pull the item from your shelves.

Visualize the Difference

Phasing out subpar barcodes gives you a clear improvement in scanning speeds. Our patented, onboard scanner histogram will provide you with an easy-to-gather method to characterize your process improvements across your entire fleet of scanners.

ScanSpeed Analytics

DataCapture DNA - Your Scanner's Built in Advantage

Scan with abilities developed and continuously refined by a partner with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation. Zebra knows the scanning journey better than other providers. That’s why we’ve engineered into all our scanners Zebra DataCapture DNA—a suite of software capabilities to help your team adapt to future needs and achieve greater business outcomes.


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