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Government and Public Sector

Education Institution Solutions

Create a Safe and Secure Campus Environment with Zebra’s ID Printing and Tracking Solutions

Schools, colleges and universities can use Zebra Technologies’ RFID-encoded ID tags to identify students and maintain real-time awareness of their movements. Our specialized printers enable on-site printing of edge-to-edge, photo-quality I.D. cards for students, faculty and staff to control access to buildings, venues, dormitories and more. With Zebra’s mobile computers with integrated data and voice capabilities, administrators and staff can share information and coordinate action in response to incidents in real-time. Identify and track high value assets like computers, musical instruments, lab and other specialized equipment. Maintain inventories quickly and accurately for improved planning and procurement. Campus security officers and parking enforcement officials can use Zebra's electronic citation (E-citation) solution to issue tickets for traffic, parking, permit violations or other infractions. Data can be linked to student profiles to ensure payment and to provide a behavioral dimension to enable analytics.

Application Brief

Government Printing Solutions

The number of assets that government departments must track on any given day can be mind-boggling. Our mobile, desktop, card and industrial printers offer diverse output, including barcode and RFID labels, tags, wristbands, receipts and tickets, to make handling assets much more manageable. Zebra printers let your staff spend less time on paperwork, make better decisions and support operations more efficiently.

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Government Asset Management
Government Asset Management

See and manage your total asset inventory.

Identity Management for Government
Identity Management for Government

Enhance security with fast and accurate identity management.

Electronic Citation (E-citation) Solutions
Electronic Citation (E-citation) Solutions

Issue electronic citations (eCitations) within minutes, accurately, securely and safely.

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