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Public Safety

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Respond with the Right Resources, Where and When You Need Them

Both law enforcement officers in the field and first responders must react quickly and accurately to hazardous situations. Zebra's law enforcement technologies include mobile computers, scanners and printers, as well as tracking and barcoding capabilities. These technologies help control access, maintain secure perimeters and increase visibility and situational awareness. Our first responder technology can accurately track personnel, gear and evacuees, as well as view scenes en route as events unfold. Knowing where assets are located in real-time enables accurate deployment of resources. Our law enforcement technologies include an e-citation solution for issuing citations for traffic tickets, unlawful processing, expired or missing permits or other types of violations. Zebra’s law enforcement mobile computers and mobile printers can issue citations within minutes, eliminating costly human errors and burdensome paperwork.

Law Enforcement & First Responder Technology Solutions

Communication & Collaboration

Zebra’s Communications & Collaboration solutions enable a safer, more informed field workforce, for both routine operations and emergency response.

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Situational Awareness

Zebra’s Situational Awareness solutions provide visibility to first responders at the edge, mobile incident commanders, and command center personnel.

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Identity Management for Government

Enhance security with fast and accurate identity management.

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Disaster & Emergency Management Technology

Reliable, real-time communications for disaster and emergency management.

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Electronic Citation (E-citation) Solutions

Issue electronic citations (eCitations) within minutes, accurately, securely and safely.

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Government Asset Management

See and manage your total asset inventory.

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The Latest in Government Technology

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A Smarter, More Efficient Way to Manage Assets

The number of assets that government departments must track on any given day can be mind-boggling. Our mobile, desktop, card and industrial printers offer diverse output, including barcode and RFID labels, tags, wristbands, receipts and tickets, to make handling assets much more manageable. Zebra printers let your staff spend less time on paperwork, make better decisions and support operations more efficiently.

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Future of Field Operations: Public Safety

Meet the increased expectations of citizens with insights from The Future of Field Operations: A Look at the Public Safety Sector Through 2025.

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Our Tablets are Made for First Responders

Zebra’s rugged tablets are purpose-built to deliver the reliability and durability first responders need.

Learn How Zebra Improves Enforcement, Protection and Response