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Impactful Emergency Response Technology

EMS Checking Vitals with ET8x tablet

A Coordinated Emergency Response — Now Possible

Save precious time and lives. With Zebra emergency response technology, you can upgrade your capabilities. You'll eliminate life-threatening errors and confusion from prehospital data, by connecting to ePCR at the point of care. Using a unified voice and data platform, you'll close the communication gap between EMS and emergency departments. No more wasting time and resources manually counting medication and equipment. In just seconds, you'll accurately track quantities and expiration dates of hundreds of items. Such certainty will translate into rapid readiness and precise management of stocks and expenses. Zebra and its rich ecosystem of partners make it possible. When you choose Zebra, you gain smart, rugged and highly secure devices made for the front line; real-time guidance that sharpens decision-making and simplified integration that elevates your effectiveness. Let us show you how our transformative technology can be your best ally in serving the public.

  • A Smart, Secure Portfolio to Meet Today's Demands

    Give teams durable, intuitive Zebra tablets and mobile computers to capture data, photos and video, access vital info and accurately complete reports. Scan, tag and track essential medicine and equipment using rugged, high-performing Zebra scanners, printers and RFID solutions. Protect confidentiality with our deep, multi-layered security.

  • Enhance Care with Real-Time Guidance

    Make your next move your best move. Connect to ePCR databases to elevate accuracy and legibility from the frontline to the receiving facilities. Deepen collaboration by teleconferencing, sharing photos, texts and data. Instantly locate and track the status of medicine, supplies, equipment and battery power.

  • Advance EMS Capabilities. Avoid Complexities

    Forgo the complexity of integrating and managing modern technology. Zebra's tools simplify every step. Effortlessly stage thousands of Android devices with a quick scan of a barcode or the tap of an NFC tag. Rapidly set up Zebra scanners using our intuitive configuration wizard and maximize uptime by remotely managing our printers.

Reawaken Your Notion of What's Possible

Communication & Collaboration

Zebra’s Communications & Collaboration solutions enable a safer, more informed field workforce, for both routine operations and emergency response.

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Situational Awareness

Zebra’s Situational Awareness solutions provide visibility to first responders at the edge, mobile incident commanders, and command center personnel.

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Government Asset Management

See and manage your total asset inventory.

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Disaster & Emergency Management Technology

Reliable, real-time communications for disaster and emergency management.

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Identity Management for Government

Enhance security with fast and accurate identity management.

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Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District firefighter checking truck supplies

Bonita Springs Firefighters Streamline Asset Management with RFID Solution

Fire District uses Zebra RFID Handheld Sleds to reduce costs and enable first responders to focus more time on its primary mission–saving lives.

Law enforcement officer looking at Zebra tablet

Enhance Incident Response with Real-Time Awareness

Find out more about how we can customize a robust solution for your fire and EMS communication needs.

Firefighter viewing video on a Zebra ET8x Series tablet

Checklist: Mobility Must-Haves

Your mobility solution has to be durable, connected and purpose-built for the job. Get our checklist of mobility must-haves for public safety.

Let Zebra Design an Emergency Response Technology Solution for Your Agency