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Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

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Less Shrink. More Results. Same Team.

If you could see everything happening in your store in real time, you would have the information you need to protect your assets, minimize shrink, waste, cash loss, theft and fraud. With Zebra's strategic retail loss prevention solutions, you get that view. Let's protect assets and prevent loss. Let's detect patterns and identify anomalies. Let's communicate easily and integrate workflows. With Zebra retail loss prevention solutions, you’ve got this.

Effortless Improvement

Zebra's deep understanding of retail workflows makes it easy to deploy and manage our loss prevention solutions. They provide a practical way to decipher big data and power timely corrective actions, at scale.

Actionable Workflows

Zebra's loss prevention solutions automatically assign the right corrective actions to the individuals best able to address each opportunity in real time. No need to leave money on the table.

Combat Total Retail Loss

From stopping fraud to minimizing inventory shrink, Zebra's loss prevention solutions cover all sources of total retail loss. Leverage them to help you act on opportunities to plug leaks at scale.

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Maximize Inventory Performance at Every Level

Learn how Zebra Prescriptive Analytics translates your data into insights and actions with no need for you to sift through reports or guess which item to tackle first.

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Are You in Step With the New Realities of Retail?

Zebra Reflexis AI-powered, mobile solution provides the real-time agility you need.

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Zebra's Bundled Offerings

Zebra SmartLens™ for Retail Asset Visibility

Zebra’s SmartLens™ for Retail Asset Visibility makes your store a smart store with automatic sensing of the location and movement of merchandise and assets and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence.

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