Task Management

Grocery store employee checking tasks on Zebra mobile computer

Power your Team's Agility

Zebra's task management solution is your single, go-to source for everything you need to simplify store operations, maximize labor and measure progress. Each module is effective on its own, but stronger together, as they build on one another for a perpetual loop of improvements. With the ability to instantly communicate, prioritize and confirm tasks and assess and adjust, you've got this.

Help Workers Help You Achieve More

With so many stores to run, things to do and people to direct, how do you coordinate it all? Let Zebra's Task Manager solution make your job and theirs easier. Associates will have a single, mobile platform to access all their tasks, automatically organized by priority. Managers can ensure the right associate is in the right place, and you’ll have real-time visibility into what’s happening and what’s being done.

Simplify Communication and Worker Tasks

Get the word out fast, certain that your store teams will receive your alerts, notifications and instant messages. Use that same mobile platform to send workers visual instructions on building window displays and planograms. Zebra's Task Manager solution mobilizes managers, speeding up their daily activities, enabling them to automatically trigger follow-up tasks.

Accomplish What’s Not Humanly Possible

Rather than struggle to piece together siloed data sets, rely on Zebra's Task Management solutions to connect all the dots for a complete and true view of store operations. When you’re ready to execute, you’ll have an automatic and closed, feedback loop that assigns tasks and confirms completion.

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