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Cross Docking

Automate Your Cross Docking Functions

Coordinating cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure efficient and accurate movement of both goods, equipment, and people. Zebra’s mobile solutions help ensure that right shipments are put on the right trailer in the right order – making sure last out is first in – so drivers don’t experience delays while making deliveries.

Gain Speed and Accuracy

Automated scanning processes with RFID technology quickly and accurately sort and track pallets on the move.  

Devices Built to Last

Deploy rugged devices that are tough enough to withstand continuous use in hostile operational environments and reduce the need to replace them as often.

Instant Verification

Eliminate manually searching for labels and comparing to bills of lading. As pallets are loaded, RFID tags can read to confirm the right shipments are on the right truck.

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Build Your Solution with These Components


Our tablets, vehicle-mounted and mobile computers, ultra-rugged scanners, RFID products and printers, paired with Zebra and partner software, are purpose-built to provide enterprise-level support for your cross docking needs.


See how these software offerings add to your Cross Docking solution.


Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your Cross Docking solution to fit your organization's current and future needs.

Zebra will help you design a Cross Docking Solution to meet your needs for today and tomorrow