Increase Your Visibility Into Load Utilization and Reduce Critical Handling Times

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Transform Your Loading Operations Into a Smarter, More Connected Environment

Manual supervision doesn’t give you the visibility you need to optimize your logistics workflows. With Zebra SmartPack, you can automate in real-time the collection of metrics instead, reshaping your logistics efforts everywhere from cross docks with trailers to loading stations with air cargo containers, eliminating one of the last blind spots in your supply chain. Replace gathered critical information from clipboards and spreadsheets with machine and computer vision equipment to promote a new source of truth as part of your system of records (similar to existing ERP and CRM databases managed today).

  • Identify and Respond to Problems in Real Time

    SmartPack raises visibility on progress and completeness of load activities with a network of machine and computer vision IoT devices covering every load point.

  • Decrease Expenses and Increase Performance

    Use insights from the real-time monitoring dashboard and let SmartPack build that historical data for your operations.

  • Monitor Every Inbound and Outbound Load

    Using this data, your company can generate ROI, reduce costs, and generate efficiencies no matter where (or how) you ship your freight.

Real-Time Visibility Leads to Peak Performance

SmartPack Trailer

SmartPack Trailer enables deeper visibility into utilization for trailer operations to optimize loading and unloading workflows reducing operational costs.

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SmartPack Container

SmartPack Container enables deeper visibility into air cargo operations to optimize loading, enhance worker productivity and reduce operational costs.

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