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Zebra SmartSight™

Uncover Unprecedented Ways to Optimize Your Stores

Discover the smarter way to utilize people and resources. Create the ideal store experience for shoppers using automated intelligence that drives prescriptive solutions. Go beyond just spotting shelf issues to prescribing corrective actions in real time. Free workers from repetitive tasks to engage with customers. Eliminate stock and pricing challenges, and comply with requirements. Drive sharper decisions and improve store performance, fueled by SmartSight's data-driven intelligence — only from Zebra.

  • More Than Shelf Awareness — Store Intelligence

    Create the ideal store experience for shoppers with SmartSight. Using automated intelligence, you can do more than spot issues about shelved merchandise. Reveal prescriptive ways to resolve them in real time, and increase store performance. Optimize your entire supply chain. Eliminate stock and pricing problems, ensure compliance and more.

  • Free Employees to Add More Value

    Workers are in short supply. They are often burdened by repetitive, mundane tasks. They're frequently interrupted, leaving those tasks unfinished. Liberate them. Zebra's automated intelligence solution allows you to reassign an average of 65 labor hours per store per week*. Associates are free to deliver greater value and engage with customers.

    *Results may vary by store.

  • In Stock, and In Favor

    In this omni-channel retail world, satisfying shoppers is challenging. Inventory must be available, properly displayed and priced accurately and competitively to make the sale and create customer loyalty. Repeat business must be earned, again and again. Zebra's automated intelligence solution transforms your operations to deliver a competitive edge.

The New Era of Retail

Advance your Intelligent Automation Strategy, Virtually

Introducing Zebra’s SmartSight CARE™ (Contactless Assessment & Review Engagement). With SmartSight CARE customers can continue to advance their intelligent operations strategy, while ensuring the safety for all employees engaged. Zebra’s intelligent automation experts will collect key customer data and artifacts, analyze the information, and provide back ROI benefits, proof-of-concept (POC) proposal and high-level project plan. Contact Sales to start a virtual assessment.

Enterprise Mobile Automation

Automated Store Analysis

Zebra’s Enterprise Mobile Automation (EMA50) system is more than a robot. It’s an end-to-end solution that prescribes corrective actions to address store issues. Scanning shelves for price and inventory accuracy and more. EMA50 safely coexists with shoppers and staff to improve the store experience.

Actionable Analytics

Innovative Store Intelligence

Turn information into action. Resolve shelf issues with prescriptive tasks assigned to frontline staff in near real-time. Empower staff to take corrective actions, add more value and delight shoppers. Gain a better view of your inventory, and entire supply chain, to make smarter decisions.

Backed by Zebra

Your Transformation Partner

As the global leader in delivering a performance edge to business, Zebra’s your proven retail innovation partner. Our subscription-based SmartSight solution is fully backed by Zebra – from integration to management, monitoring to retirement. Reduce risk. Capitalize on the on-demand economy with Zebra.

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Mobile Computers

Equip your on-the-go workforce with the devices they need using Zebra's full range of mobile computers, including tablets and handheld RFID readers.

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Barcode Scanners

Just Scan. Choose from Zebra's high-quality, high-value scanners that excel at every purpose and price point.

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With our extensive range of durable barcode printers, you can rely on Zebra to deliver the right solution for your printing application.

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