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Zebra Sport Solutions

Zebra Sports is revolutionizing how sports are watched, analyzed, coached and played.

Building on the company’s rich foundation, Zebra has boldly challenged the status quo in sports by introducing patented RFID technology to deliver a paradigm-shifting, player tracking system in professional sports which transcends other limited solutions with ground-breaking speed and precision.  In its first season, our solution was selected as the winner of Sports Business Journal’s Sports Business Awards ‘Best in Sports Technology’ and RFID Journal’s ‘Best New Product’ Awards.

The Zebra Sports Solution enables a trove of data for real-time insight.  As its full spectrum of capabilities continue to be leveraged across multiple sports properties, its impact will be significant. New player tracking insights will change how fans relate to sports through cross-channel engagement and forever transform coaching and player personnel evaluations.

For more information please contact the General Manager of Zebra Sports, Eric Petrosinelli, at realtimetracking@zebra.com.

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Partners in Innovation

As "The Official On-Field Player Tracking Provider" of the NFL, Zebra is committed to supporting the league’s on-going Next Generation Statistics Initiative by enabling the NFL to collect information that will improve the way fans, teams and networks watch, coach, play and analyze the game.

NFL Players Get Real 'Chip' on Their Shoulders

CNBC talks with Anders Gustafsson, Zebra Technologies CEO, about Zebra's partnership with the NFL.



Zebra Sport Solution Takes Any Sport to the Next Level




Zebra Sports Solution helps football athletes and coaches elevate their game by providing real-time data on players.  Zebra signed a deal with the National Football League (NFL) in 2014 to bring their solution to all 32 NFL teams. Learn more about the partnership

Official Press Release

Featured Media Coverage



The Michael Waltrip engineering staff partnered with Zebra Sports Solutions to deploy an application that accurately tracked the location, speed and direction of the pit crew and support equipment during practice.

Why this Nascar team is putting RFID sensors on every person in the pit- Fast Company

Zebra Parters with Michael Waltrip Racing- Zebra Press Release




When the best women’s soccer team in China wanted to elevate their game, they turned to Zebra's Sports. Players wore discrete sensors on their heart-rate belt to measure performance, giving coaches greater visibility into player dynamics and allowing them to make smarter decisions.

Shanghai Women's Soccer Team Success Story

How it Works


Tags on players track vital stats indoors and out to within inches

A custom implementation of recievers and data hubs at the stadium house real-time analytics hardware and software  

Algorithms aggregate players' statistics and display them in real time in custom applications 

Coaches, players, broadcast media and fans use new data to improve the game experience

Zebra technicians provide all the support needed for each game or competition



Solution Details

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Hardware and Software

Zebra's precise ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS technology offers extreme accuracy in both indoor and outdoor environments with industry-leading uptime availablility. 

The RTLS software utilizes the best-in-class Time-Difference of Arrival algorithm (TDOA) application to deliver superior accuracy and performance.



The Zebra Professional Services team are skilled and experienced in all aspects of RFID technology deployment and the management of integration projects - a capability that has matured through thousands of projects using a proven methodology. 

Our team will use Zebra's design and configuration tools, plus a detailed site survey, to clarify your business requirements and processes to be supported. We then create a solution design blueprint, which is used as a guide throughout the solutions deployment to its final acceptance. Once we have supported the installation and configuration of the system, Zebra will calibrate the system, validating the supporting business processes. This ensures a seamless transition to business-as-usual for your organization and the rapid realization of the end-to-end solution's benefits.


Game Day Operations and Command Center

This includes all game day operations to ensure all real-time analytics hardware and software are in top condition and ready for the day's event. 

Zebra's team of dedicated game day technicians are on the ground to ensure a smooth operation and zero interference to the teams or players, all while being monitored by Zebra's dedicated sports command center.


Research and Development

Zebra is committed to further enhancing our technology and software to deliver the next generation sports experience.



Contact a Zebra Sport Solution expert to learn more about how Next Gen Stats can help your team. 

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