Alternate Windows Drivers for Zebra Printers

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Finding drivers other than the ZebraDesigner or Zebra Universal driver to use with a Zebra printer

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Zebra Printer Drivers


This solution addresses the following problems:

  • The ZebraDesigner or Zebra Universal drivers are not an option for me
  • Must use a different Windows driver


Do you need a Zebra Printer Driver? If you are using a Windows application that produces printer command language use a Generic Text driver. This will pass the commands unaltered to the printer.  Also if you are using a Non-Zebra label program you may not need the Zebra Driver. Many Non-Zebra programs have their own driver so consult with your label application provider for details.

There are other vendors that make Zebra compatible drivers. We offer a few examples here for your convenience.  

Alternate Windows Drivers for Zebra Printers

Seagull Scientific, makers of Bartender labeling software, also provide a Windows driver that works with most Zebra printers.

They can be found at  Read More>>

Nice Label also makes windows drivers for Zebra printers. In addition they support a Unix compatible solution.  Read More>>