How to Preview a ZPL Label with a Network Printer

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This procedure will demonstrate previewing a ZPL label on a networked ZPL printer using a ZebraNet Print Server. This can be used to evaluate a label design or ZPL formats before sending it to print.

Applies To

ZPL language Zebra Printers with a Network connection through a ZebraNet Print Server


A Windows PC that can access the Zebra Printer on a network


The Zebra Printer web page has a feature that allows a user to copy or create ZPL commands in a built in editor and generate a label preview. It requires a desktop or tabletop model ZPL printer with a print server connected to the network.  While this method does not allow for 100% ZPL functionality, it does provide a good tool for previewing ZPL labels without wasting media.


1. Open a web browser and type in the printer's full IP address in the navigation bar and hit enter.  This will take you to the print server web interface, which provides a means of communicating and configuring your printer from remote locations.  Select 'Directory Listing'.

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2.  A list of files resident to the printer will appear.  Scroll to the bottom and choose 'Create New Script'.

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3.  Choose the E memory device, enter a name for your label, and hit 'Edit'.

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4.  Enter your ZPL code and select the 'preview' button on the bottom.

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5.  A preview of the ZPL should appear:

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