Log in screen appears when accessing a Database with ZebraDesigner Pro

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User is prompted to login when connecting to a Database in ZebraDesigner Pro. If the login dialog is closed and user tries to progress through the wizard, an error may occur stating that the table cannot be opened

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If you cancel the login window you get the following error

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Applies To

ZebraDesigner Software being connected to database

Cause or Overview

This issue is typically caused by the system not having appropriate drivers to facilitate data transfer between Microsoft Office System files and non-Microsoft Office applications (in our case ZebraDesigner). The likely scenario is that 64bit version of MS Office is installed on a 64bit OS and therefore no 32bit drivers exist on the system to support ZebraDesigner which is a 32bit application


The solution is to install 32bit drivers on the system. This is done by installing the Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable files.
The redistributable files can be downloaded from the following link Read More>> 

Install them using the /passive switch to allow the 32bit drivers on the 64bit system:


1.  Get to a DOS prompt

2.  Navigate to the directory where you saved the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe file

3.  At the DOS prompt type - 

               AccessDatabaseEngine.exe /passive

Once the installation completes, you should then be able to connect to the Database successfully in ZebraDesigner Pro. The login dialog should not appear. 

Note:  Microsoft Access Database Engine 2013 Redistributable files are not currently available but will be in the future. Installing Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable will work for MS Office 2013.

Note:  The steps above have also been tested and proven to work for anyone using Office 2016

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