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Workabout Pro 4 Support

Zebra Workabout Pro 4 handheld computer

This Zebra product is discontinued. The software and manuals below are provided for your convenience and Technical  Support. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider.

Product Discontinuation Date: June 30, 2020

Service & Support Discontinuation Date: December 31, 2025

Replacement Model for WAP4 HF/LF RFID : no replacement


  • Available Space in Workabout Pro4 Expansion Module & Multi-purpose Endcap English

    Expansion-card, rev. A

    Download 300 KB
  • Back Cover with Switch (WA9302) English

    8000314-001, rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • Carrying Cases-WA6180 Short Closed, WA6080 Long Closed, WA6181 Short Open-Ended, WA6081 Long Open-Ended English

    8000354-001, rev. A

    Download 901 KB
  • Mobile Devices Developers Guide (en)

    8000271-001 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • Nylon Carrying Pouch (WA6084) & Belt Strap English

    8000355-001, rev. A

    Download 279 KB
  • RA3051 WWAN Radio Kit with Antennas (WAN/GPS/WI-FI DIVERSITY) Installation Guide (en)

    8000323-003 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • RA3051 WWAN Radio Kit with Antennas Installation Sheet English

    8000323-001, rev. A

    Download 216 KB
  • RA3052 Wi-Fi Diversity Kit English

    8000317-001, rev. A

    Download 259 KB
  • SE1524 1D Lorax Long Range End-Cap (WA9022) & Back Cover with Lorax Auto Range Switch (WA9301) English

    8000306-001, rev. A

    Download 202 KB
  • SE4500 (WA9019) Slim Pod Pistol Grip Compatible English

    8000311-001, rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • SE4500 End-Cap English

    8000305-001, rev. A

    Download 194 KB
  • SE655 & SE965 End-Cap English

    8000303-001, rev. A

    Download 181 KB
  • SE965 (WA9015) & SE655 (WA9017) Slim Pod Pistol Grip Compatible English

    8000309-001, rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • Standard Blank End-Cap (WA6214) with Stylus Holder English

    8000307-001, rev. A

    Download 879 KB
  • WA4204-G2/G3 and WA4304-G2/G3 Multi-Docuk User manual (en)

    Download 398 KB
  • WA6003 Slim Pod Imager Grip With Trigger Installation Guide (en)

    8000313-002 Rev. A

    Download 426 KB
  • WA6083 Soft Holster with Belt Kit English

    8000312-001, rev. A

    Download 174 KB
  • WA6215 Headset Jack End-Cap English

    8000304-001, rev. A

    Download 202 KB
  • WA9021 Camera Back Cover Kit English

    MN001013A02, rev. A

    Download 156 KB
  • WA9901 RFID Module UHF Linear (NA) Endcap Instruction Sheet English

    8000327-001, rev. A

    Download 557 KB
  • WA9902 - RFID Module UHF Linear (CE) Endcap Installation Sheet English

    8000328-001, rev. A

    Download 648 KB
  • WA9903 RFID Module UHF Circular (NA) Pod Installation Sheet English

    8000325-002, rev. A

    Download 505 KB
  • WA9905/WA9906 - RFID Modules HF-KR3-2S/LF-ID1 Installation Sheet English

    8073681-002, rev. A

    Download 449 KB
  • WORKABOUT PRO 4 RFID Mobile Computer Integrator Guide (en)

    MN001066A02 Rev. A

    Download 2 MB
  • WORKABOUT PRO Desktop Docking Station WA4003-G2 Quick Start Guide (en)

    8100125 Rev. A

    Download 883 KB
  • WorkAbout Pro4 Hand-Held Computer (Windows Embedded CE 6.0) User Manual (en)

    8000290-003 Rev A

    Download 14 MB
  • WorkAbout Pro4 Hand-held Computer (Windows Embedded Hand-Held 6.5) User Guide (en)

    8000295-003 Rev. A

    Download 20 MB
  • Workabout Pro4 HDK Upgrade Guide English

    8000293-001a, rev. A,PN 8000293-001 Rev A

    Download 775 KB
  • Workabout Pro4 Quick Start Guide (en)

    8000297-001 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • WorkaboutPro4 Regulatory and Warranty Guide

    8000296-004 Rev. A

    Download 2 MB

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