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VC5090 Vehicle-Mounted Computer Support

Zebra VC5090 discontinued computer

This Zebra product is discontinued. Resources will no longer be updated but are retained below for your convenience. Customer Support is no longer available after the Service and Support Discontinuation Date. If you require additional help, please contact a  Zebra Authorized Service Provider.

Product Discontinuation Date:  Sept. 30, 2014

Service & Support Discontinuation Date:  Dec. 31, 2019

Operating Systems


  • Adapter Bracket for VC50 U-Mount Installation Guide

    MN-002932-01 Rev. A

    Download 281 KB
  • VC5090 Filter Box Installation Instructions English

    9200302a, rev. A

    Download 320 KB
  • VC5090 In-Motion Detector Cable Installation Instructions English

    8414103a, rev. A

    Download 303 KB
  • VC5090 Keyboard Installation Instructions English

    8102904a, rev. A

    Download 609 KB
  • VC5090 Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions English

    11968902a, rev. A

    Download 415 KB
  • VC5090 Power Cable Installation Instructions English

    9773203a, rev. A

    Download 799 KB
  • VC5090 Product Reference Guide English

    7634704a, rev. A

    Download 8 MB
  • VC5090 Quick Reference Guide English

    7634606a, rev. A

    Download 3 MB
  • VC5090 Touch Screen Heater Information Notice English

    14049802a, rev. A

    Download 148 KB
  • VC5090 Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation Instructions English

    8102403a, rev. A

    Download 367 KB
  • VC5090 Uninterruptible Power Supply Software Update English

    9140102a, rev. A

    Download 161 KB

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