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Product Hotfix Support Policy

A Hotfix is typically the result of a solution to an issue reported by a customer.  A Hotfix goes through engineering level testing, but not a full Test and Validation cycle.  HotFixes are fed back into the Operating System design and maintenance release teams and may be released as part of a future operating system (OS) maintenance release.

If you are not experiencing the issue described by the HotFix release notes, it is recommended that you wait until the next operating system (OS) maintenance release to update your devices.

If you are experiencing an issue, you should first check the release notes and upgrade to the latest released operating system (OS) software on before adding HotFixes.

HotFixes are fully supported through the Zebra support process up until the time they are integrated into the next OS maintenance release, at which point the new OS becomes supported.  However, since the HotFixes have not been through extensive test and validation, you should choose whether to deploy the HotFix based on whether you have experienced the issue described by the HotFix release notes.  In addition, you should perform your own integration testing to ensure the fix is compatible with the various other third party components that you may have integrated in your devices.