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Desktop Printers

ZP506 and ZP505 FedEx Model Desktop Printer Support



The Zebra ZP506 and ZP505 is a custom FedEx printer designed exclusively for parcel/post labeling.

ZP500 Desktop Printer


ZP500 Desktop Printer


  • Zebra ZP506 FedEx (ZPL and EPL, with the EPL Version for Europe and Asia only) Printers are designed and sold exclusively for FedEx Shipping Applications only.
  • Zebra does not provide Software and Driver Support for the ZP500 series support is provided directly by FedEx.
  • Zebra support extends only to the printing of a Windows test page. Zebra supports standard calibration issues and standard hardware issues only. 
  • ZP printers run Special firmware. We are aware of instances in the past with older ZP500/ZP505 FedEx Printers where standard firmware was sent to the printer and the printer was irreparably damaged.  It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to send any firmware that is not specifically recommended for your ZP printer model.


Software that is essential for operating and connecting this device. 

All support resources for the ZP505 printer are available from the Federal Express website links below.


Some documents may not have been translated to your language.

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Warranty and Repair

For some services, you will need a serial number. Here's where you can find it on your device.