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ZQ6xx Alert: Media Out

ZQ620 Alert: Head Open
ZQ620 Plus Media Out Load Media

Description: The printer cannot detect media in the print path.

Possible Cause 1: The printer is printing a large batch job, typically with large amounts of highly dense print.

Resolution: Load media in the printer and close the latch. Make sure that the leading edge of the media is fully outside the media bay when the latch is closed. You may need to press the FEED button once to get the printer to resume printing and/or to line up with the next label.

Possible Cause 2: Open the printer: If there is a missing label on the roll between two labels at the end of a roll of labels, then this is the method used by the label roll manufacture to identify the end of the roll.

Resolution: Replace the empty media roll and continue printing. Do not power the print off or you will lose your print job.

Possible Cause 3: The media sensor is dirty.

Resolution: Clean the media sensor.

Possible Cause 4: The media sensor is not working. Possible data corruption or faulty components.

Resolution: Contact Zebra support.