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Mobile Computer Software

Tekterm Family Products

Zebra is no longer offering this product for sale. The product resources will no longer be updated but will remain accessible below for your use and convenience. Please note that Customer Support is not available after the Service and Support Discontinuation date. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider.

TekTerm software is discontinued. 
Service & Support Discontinuation Date: March 31, 2022

TekTerm is a family of products that either provide Terminal Emulation or support it is some way or provide an alternative solution. The family of products consist of the following:

• TekTerm Server
• TekTerm Client
• TekTerm Screen Formatter

Software development tool - NarrowBand Data Proxy SDK

TekTerm software is part of Zebra's narrowband digital wireless solution, translating the higher level emulation protocols between Narrowband and TCP-IP networks. It includes the following components:

TekTerm terminal emulation client runs on the mobile device. The latest 7.0 version is available for Zebra, Symbol, Psion and legacy Motorola Solutions devices. The TekTerm Client supports ANSI, VT-100, or VT-200 and IBM 5250 or 3270 emulations with a maximum of 8 sessions whether it is connecting directly to the host application or through the Communication / TekTerm Server 9500, 9510 or SW95xx.

TekTerm server links the narrowband and wired networks.

Optional TekTerm screen formatter and narrowband data proxy software developer kit (NDP SDK) enables the creation of graphics-rich intuitive applications

TekTerm is not available for Android or iOS.


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