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Enterprise Home Screen For Android Support

Enterprise Home Screen for Android provides a simple way for administrators to control access to apps and settings on a Zebra device without the need to write custom code. Using a simple touch interface, EHS easily limits usage to one or more specified applications, prevents changes to device settings and locks down the file system. It can be configured in seconds, and settings can be deployed via MDM. EHS settings are stored in a simple XML file that's easy to read and edit by hand, if necessary.

It is a replacement application launcher for Zebra Android devices, designed to allow only specified applications to be launched. EHS package archive .zip files contain .apk installation file and readme notes. 

Additional information and documentation is available at Zebra Techdocs. 


Software that is essential for operating and connecting this device. 

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Installation Requirements

Starting from the EHS version 5.0, any previous EHS 4.x or below versions must be uninstalled before the EHS 5.0 or higher version is installed.
  • The EHS 5.0 APK or higher version APK contains the new package name (com.zebra.mdna.enterprisehomescreen) that cannot be installed over the old one (com.symbol.enterprisehomescreen). Follow instructions to uninstall EHS before installing EHS 5.0 or higher version on the device. Prior configurations are automatically reapplied if the EHS configuration file from the previous installation still exists in the configuration file location.  
Starting from EHS version 3.2, the EHS download package contains only single .apk file.

In EHS version 3.1 and below, the EHS download package contains two .apk files:

  • EHS_XXXXXX_A.apk: Supports all Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat devices except TC20/TC25 Nougat
  • EHS_XXXXXX_B.apk - Supports all Android Oreo devices and TC20/TC25 Nougat devices only

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NOTE: compatibility in this chart reflects ALL versions of Enterprise Home Screen. Please check the release notes to ensure the version you are using is compatible with your device/OS.

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