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Mobile Computer Software

EP10 Hardware Developer Kit

The EP10 HDK (Hardware Development Kit) provides the software tools and technical information necessary to design and integrate peripherals for your EP10 hand-held computer. The docking connector on the EP10 provides access to USB and serial interfaces for connecting to standard devices (barcode scanners, imagers, RFID readers, etc.). 

3D model files and 2D schematic drawings are provided which give the precise measurements needed for designing custom devices that fit snugly with the main housing around the docking connector. Finally, the EP10 HDK API library provides the software tools necessary to access and control the peripheral attached to the docking connector.


Software that is essential for operating and connecting this device. 

I agree to and accept the above terms and conditions.

Installation Requirements

Unzip the file and run executable.  Files will be installed to the below default directory.

   "C:\Program Files\Psion\EP10HDK V1.0"

The HDK includes the following:

     User Manual/Documentation

     Front and Rear case mechanical drawings

     Example USB and RS232 snap modules

     Sample software demo application

The Visual Studio 2008 Demo is an optional download designed to illustrate how one could wrap the Psion EP10 HDK. 


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Compatible Hardware

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:

  • EP10 Mobile Computer

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