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Mobile Computer Software

TekSpeech Pro Support

Zebra is no longer offering this product for sale. The product resources are provided below for your use and convenience. Please note that Customer Support will not be available after the Service and Support Discontinuation date. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider.

Last Sale Date: January 15, 2018
Service and Support Discontinuation Date: January 15, 2021

This includes TekSpeech Pro3 and TekSpeech Pro4. Zebra will continue to offer chargeable Professional Services to our installed base of TekSpeech partners and customers, thereby supporting partners and customers who need to make adds, moves and changes to their operational system.

TekSpeech® Pro provides the tools you need to make voice-directed workflows easy — from dialogue scripting to host integration, deployment and solution management. All components are optimized to work together to deliver unsurpassed performance and voice quality.

DialogBuilder 4.1.7 installation set-up contains the dialog builder development tool. 

Device and Operator Manager (DOM) provides the management of device operators in the TekSpeech Pro system. 

TekSpeech Pro Agent provides synchronization with the TekSpeech Pro DOM to manage deployments to the device. 

TekSpeech Pro Client provides the device runtime execution of TekSpeech Pro apps built with the Dialog Builder development tool. You must deploy the client using the TekSpeech Pro DOM. 

Please contact your Zebra representative for more information. 


Software that is essential for operating and connecting this device. 

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Compatible Hardware

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:

  • MC2100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • WT4090
  • WT41N0
  • WT41N0 VOW

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