TC70x Operating System for Non-GMS Devices


Version 01-15-01.7 Version Release Date: February 2017

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • - TC51
  • - TC56
  • - TC70x
  • - TC75x


Zebra Android M TC75x and TC70x GA 01-15-01.7-MN (AOSP) Release Notes Download 418 KB
Zebra TC51 and TC56 Android M GA 01-15-01.7-MN (AOSP) Release Notes Download 420 KB
Zebra TC51, TC56, TC70x and TC75x Android M - PATCH03 LifeGuard Release for Non-GMS Download 377 KB
Zebra TC51, TC56, TC70x and TC75x Android M - PATCH04 LifeGuard Release for Non-GMS Download 485 KB


Full Package Update includes all components (Mandatory)

 Download 696 MB

Incremental Update (Mandatory)

 Download 21 MB

Erases Cache Partition

 Download 349 KB

Enterprise Reset (Erases Data Partitions)

 Download 350 KB

Factory Reset (Erases Data, Enterprise, Modem ST1/ST2 Partitions)

 Download 350 KB

LifeGuard Patch 03 Non-GMS (Released 4/5/2017)

 Download 33 MB

LifeGuard Patch 04 Non-GMS (Released 5/19/2017)

 Download 35 MB


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