TC75x Operating System for GMS Devices



Version 01-15-01.7 Version Release Date: February 2017

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • - TC51
  • - TC56
  • - TC70x
  • - TC75x


Zebra Android M TC75x and TC70x GA 01-15-01.7-MG (GMS) Release Notes Download 417 KB
Zebra TC51 and TC56 Android M GA 01-15-01.7-MG (GMS) Release Notes Download 420 KB
Zebra TC51, TC56, TC70x and TC75x Android M - PATCH03 LifeGuard Release for GMS Download 354 KB


Full Package Update includes all components (Mandatory)

 Download 1 GB

Package 2 Incremental Update (Mandatory)

 Download 127 MB

Erases Cache Partition

 Download 349 KB

Enterprise Reset (Erases Data Partitions)

 Download 350 KB

Factory Reset (Erases Data, Enterprise, Modem ST1/ST2 Partitions)

 Download 350 KB

LifeGuard Patch 03 GMS (Released 4/5/2017)

 Download 139 MB