Live Online and Classroom-based Training

Vision Academy is a regularly scheduled series of live in-person and online intensive courses covering all aspects of using Aurora Imaging Library or Aurora Design Assistant to develop vision applications.

Each course, whether in-person or online, combines lectures delivered by support and/or development staff with hands-on labs to get attendees going with either software environment. Courses are available upon enrollment; tailored courses at Zebra headquarters or users' site can also be organized upon assessment.

Aurora Vision for OEM by Zebra is a machine vision software designed to set up visual-based sensing for comprehensive image analysis in quality inspection and an array of machine vision applications.

Aurora Design Assistant Advanced (Remote)


                  February 13-14

                  May 13-16*

                  August 12-15*

                  November 11-14*


                  *4 half-days


Aurora Design Assistant Advanced (Classroom)


     March 26-28 (Bangalore, India)

     April 22-24 (Ratingen, Germany)

     June 3-5 (Chicago, USA)*


*2-day Aurora Imaging-Lite classroom training possible, please enquire


Aurora Design Assistant Basic (Classroom)


     March 7-8 (Lincolnshire, USA)

     March 13-14 (Bourne End, UK)

     May 10 (1-day Chicago, USA)

     June 24-25 (Paris, France)

     June 27-28 (Milan, Italy)

     July 11-12 (San Jose, USA)

Aurora Vision Studio (Classroom and remote)


          March 5-7 (CET)

          May 21-23 (CET)

          June 11-13 (ET)

          September 10-12 (CET)

          December 3-5 (CET)