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Repair Portal Benefits and Features

How can the Repair Order Portal assist with your repair? 

Access repair information 24/7.

Process your repair payment online.

Schedule delivery pick-up (applicable for certain regions) and track shipments.

Receive your Repair RMA number instantaneously.

View repair status or enable status notifications.

Replace your batteries and printheads under warranty.

Check the warranty and contract entitlement for your devices.

Access all documents: Shipping Manifest, Invoices, Quotes etc

Register multiple devices into one order in just a few moments with bulk upload.

How can the Repair Order Portal assist with your repair? 

+ Check Your Repair Status

Check Your Repair Status Within the Repair Order Portal

Once a repair order has been submitted, progress can be tracked on the Repair Order Portal. Users can search to locate a repair order or series of repair orders. 

To view the status of a repair:

  1. Log into the Repair Order Portal ( and select the Order Status tab
  2. Search your repair order(s)
  3. Click on the Order Number to view status information
  4. Click on the Outbound Tracking Number for in-transit status 

+ Manage Your Notification Status

For many Zebra repair customers, the most convenient option for obtaining repair status is subscribing to receive repair status or reminder email notifications automatically. Users may subscribe to both repair status and reminder notifications or choose to receive only one type of notification.

Notification Types:  

Repair Status

  • Device is received 
  • Repaired device is shipped 
  • Repair is on-hold awaiting parts 


  • Payment not yet received for a per-incident repair 
  • Expected faulty device has not been received (Advance Exchange)

+ Submit Multiple Devices at Once Using Bulk Upload

Save time by adding multiple products to a repair order at once. Our bulk load template supports 18 languages and reduces manual data entry.

How it works:

  1. Get the template from the Portal's Add Products screen and download it regularly for updated versions.
  2. Fill in the Serial Number and choose the Problem Type from drop-down. Customer Reference and Problem Description fields are optional.
  3. Generate a CSV file by reviewing your data and saving it in the .csv format.
  4. Upload the .csv file and await a notification when the validation process is finished.
  5. Fix errors by checking the Resources section on the right for more information.
  6. Submit your order.

+ Billable Repairs (Per Incident Repair)

A new process for per-incident (billable) repairs. This time-saving process applies only to repairing Zebra devices not covered by an active Zebra OneCare Support Service contract or Zebra hardware warranty. The new process provides customers with faster repair quotations (usually instantaneous when submitted via the Repair Order Portal). It avoids unnecessary packaging and shipping of devices that customers do not approve for repair. 

New Per Incident (Billable) Repair Process 

1. At the time of RMA request (using either Zebra’s Repair Order Portal* or the Zebra Repair Request Form):

  • Indicate the reason for repair using Zebra’s problem categories and codes. 
  • Zebra will provide an immediate repair quotation based on your problem diagnosis.
  • Submit a purchase order at the time of repair authorization if you accept the repair cost and wish to proceed with device repair. (Zebra will then send you a repair authorization email, including shipping instructions and a shipping label.

2. Send your device to the Zebra Repair Center using the shipping instructions and label information provided.

3. Zebra Repair Technicians will then diagnose the fault with your device.

  • If the required repair will be more (or less) extensive the problem you identified, a new repair quotation will be issued for your approval. 
    You have 30 days to accept a revised repair quotation, or the device will be returned to you unrepaired and you will be invoiced for a diagnostic fee.
  • If their diagnosis is consistent with the problem you identified, the device will be repaired and returned to you, and you will be invoiced for the amount of your submitted purchase order. Cash in advance customers (those who do not have payment terms established with Zebra) will be required to provide payment before the device is returned to you. Zebra’s Per Incident Repair Service is performed by factory trained and authorized technicians, utilizing Zebra certified parts and test fixtures required to complete expert level repair services.


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