Improving healthcare outcomes and keeping pace with new healthcare reforms

Motorola Solutions unveils Next Generation Healthcare Mobility Solutions at 1A-T09 booth of the CHINC 2013

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

Beijing, June 6, 2013 – The leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services, Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) is showcasing its integrated next-generation healthcare mobility solutions at the 2013 China Hospital Information Network Conference (CHINC) and Taiwan cross-Strait Hospital Information Forum.

The conference, held from Jun 6-9 in Zhengzhou, is the most reputed annual industry event in China's healthcare information management field, with participation from numerous domestic and international healthcare experts, scholars and IT technicians for an in-depth exploration of the hot issues concerning healthcare information management, public hospital reforms, hospital operational management, big data, networks and mobile healthcare.

Committed to provide mobility solutions to improve healthcare outcomes, Motorola Solutions is participating in the conference, embodying its philosophy of ”Seamless Healthcare” through a showcase of its latest solutions that deliver a higher quality of Patient Care, enhance hospital Operational Efficiency, facilitate communications to increase Workforce Productivity, and optimise investments made in IT Operations.


  • At the conference, Motorola Solutions is building an interactive exhibition hall at 1A-T09 booth, which focused on the subject of “Next Generation Mobile Healthcare”, proposing technologies specifically designed to “enhance the patient experience and care”. Aiming at all areas within the hospitals including administration, operations as well as clinicals, Motorola Solutions showcased its integrated mobile healthcare solutions which comprised mobile terminals, barcode scanners and wireless network equipment.
  • Charlie Chen, Healthcare Solutions Manager of Enterprise Business, Motorola Solutions China will deliver an opening speech at the “mobile healthcare” session. The trend of modern mobile healthcare and Motorola Solutions’ philosophy of “Seamless Healthcare” are the speech highlights.
  • Motorola Solutions believes the key to next generation mobile healthcare lies in the comprehensive expansion of mobile technology applications which must extend to outpatient services, wards and places outside the main hospital; regardless of doctors, nurses or logistics teams, they all need to exploit this kind of expansive application in order to receive timely and accurate first-hand information.
  • The comprehensive expansion solutions, when implemented into all medical treatment processes, and with the help of advanced mobile technologies and products, valuable healthcare information and data can be shared by all, and can thus be fully applied in diagnoses and treatment processes. Hospitals will then be able to offer patients with significantly enhanced onsite medical care, achieving real-time patient monitoring and tracking as well as accurate specimen collections. Consequently, the solution will promote the efficiency of hospital mobile resource management and operational management, substantially optimizing their IT operations, along with all their resources.
  • Since the implementation of New Medical Reform, Chinese healthcare information management has been placing even greater demands on the use of innovative technologies and applications. In the past few years, the healthcare industry’s scale of investment in mobile technologies and products has continued to expand, maintaining a growth rate of around 20% for several years in a row
  • Leveraging several years of rich experience and services committed especially to the healthcare industry, Motorola Solutions has constantly refined their products and innovations, providing solutions in keeping with the demands of China’s healthcare and sanitation industries.
  • Consequently, Motorola Solutions has launched a series of mobile terminals, barcode scanners and wireless APs predominantly designed for medical use, including the: MC55A0-HC healthcare focused mobile data terminal, MC3190-Z business-class hand-held reader, MC65 series durable enterprise digital assistants, DS6878-HC wireless 2D bar-code scanner, DS4208-HC General Purpose hand-held 2D barcode scanner imager and the AP650 thin 802.11n Access Point. In particular, the ET1, the high performance and smart “Tailor-made for Enterprise customers” tablet computer, has received unanimous praise from medical industry consumers.
  • During the conference, in addition to the high performance medical products and solutions, Motorola Solutions also showcased its newly launched multipurpose mobile computer, MC40, the first WAN solution based mobile terminal, MC45, as well as the “Smart Badge 1”, a wearable smart terminal for medical workers.
  • Mobility Services Platform (MSP) are also displayed at the conference. The constantly expanding product lines and solutions from Motorola Solutions are providing the healthcare industry with many more smart options.


Michael Jiang, chairman and president, Motorola Solutions (China) Co., Ltd.

“Healthcare informatization is the most significant technological foundation for China’s new healthcare reform. As a leading enterprise-level mobile solutions provider, Motorola Solutions has always paid close attention to the development of healthcare informatization, and be devoted to offering solutions and products in keeping with the demands of the healthcare industry. Being committed to China and to benefit people’s health treatment, Motorola Solutions will further strengthen our insight into the healthcare industry with technological innovations, and together with our partners, we will strive to promote the popularization of seamless healthcare and will help even more medical institutions to reach higher service goal.

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