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Yintai Group Innovates E-commerce with Wireless Solutions

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

May 16, 2013, Beijing—With increased popularity of smart phones and portal terminals, the mobile internet is offering retailers a brand new marketing perspective. In order to interact with customers via omni-channels, many traditional retailers are focusing on new marketing methods such as O2O (online-to-offline), in order to achieve a breakthrough in their business model.

Recently, Yintai Group, a renowned chain department store in China signed an agreement with Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), for the use of advanced wireless technology as well as automatic detection and identification functions. These capabilities are integrated with the O2O application system from Beijing Inftail Technology, a member of Motorola Solutions’ PartnerEmpower community,

Customers of Yintai Group can get a seamless shopping experience with relevant messages delivered in a timely way between brick-and-mortar and online storefronts. As the shopper experience is everything, the approach adopted by Yintai Group can effectively turn browsing into buying, and ultimately turn customers into brand advocates for the retailer. The first phase of the project is already in current operation.

Key Facts:

  • at Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Plaza is among pioneering retailers that use technology to connect with shoppers. The deployed wireless network is required for covering 6 floors’ worth of about 40,000㎡, and guaranteed seamless wireless coverage even during peak times. This also means coverage that crosses thick interlayers between individual shops, with the network staying resilient and secure enough to perfectly meet the special demands for a large-scale shopping environment.
  • Leveraging its track record in the retail industry, Motorola Solutions’ WiNG5 distributed intelligent wireless network architecture permits direct communications between the access points and easily finds the best routing path even under the conditions of heavy network loads; and, and the completes separate transmissions through the shortest path with no traffic bottlenecks and other latency issues.
  • Motorola Solutions helped Yintai Group implement a wireless network solution consisting of RFS7000 wireless switches; dual frequency multi-modal wireless access points (AP622) as well as the industry leading wireless monitoring system, AirDefense.
  • AirDefense can also identify users’ location through RTLS (Real Time Location Service), assisting Yintai Group to learn about consumers’ shopping behaviors and habits. Together with “no blind spots”, automatic sensing through high-performance wireless access points, the location-aware function in RTLS facilitates the sending of considerate greetings to the customers once they enter the store, and the customers receiving discount information relevant to specific departments within the store, thereby increasing the time and spend by customers within the store.
  • With the new customer experience, shoppers can achieve wireless network access that offers smooth and rapid surfing at any time within the shopping centre. This makes it possible for the customers to share information about goods and sales promotion with their families and friends in real-time, through high-quality IP voice and streaming videos over the Internet, thus increasing customer stickiness and satisfaction.

Supporting Quotes:

Liao Bin, CIO of Yintai Group

“As a leading department store in China, Yintai Group is always committed to offering our customers with an exclusive shopping experience through comfortable, ideal and high value added services. Motorola Solutions is a world-famous brand. Our joint collaboration to build an outstanding, smart shopper experience in China will bring the Chinese retail industry to greater heights.”

Michael Jiang, Chairman and President, Motorola Solutions China

“We are pleased to collaborate with Yintai Group, one of the top shopping groups in China. With a strong track record technologically and in the market tests, Motorola Solutions has gained deep insights into the demands of the retail industry, and is committed to develop the highest quality wireless network solutions. The collaboration between Motorola Solutions and Yintai Group raises the bar for the retail industry in China. We will continue to develop this industry with outstanding PartnerEmpower channels such as Beijing Inftail Technology We will also help more customers to realize their business aspirations, and inject new vigor into the retail industry in China with even more innovative concepts and technologies”.

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