Technologically-advanced, Cost-Effective Data Capture Solutions for Retail and Light Industrial Manufacturing

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

BEIJING, China – July 18, 2013 - Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) recently announced two new data capturing devices: the dual-use multi-plane MP6000 bioptic scanner and LI2208 general purpose corded linear imager. Aiming at providing cost-conscious retailers effective payment solutions, the MP6000 will cut down payment times; enhance satisfaction and loyalty of customers from supermarkets, hypermarkets, and mass merchandisers. It the meantime, the Ll2208 will greatly increase productivity at point-of-sales in retail and on the production line for light industrial manufacturing industries.

Key Facts

  • Increasing productivity and throughput in cashier lines: Leveraging a 6-sided 360° coverage zone, the MP6000 allows an accurate bar code reading only by a simple swipe over traditional paper-based bar codes as well as plastic member card or coupons and 1D /2D bar codes delivered on the screen of a mobile device. Retailers can now convert checkout lanes to express lanes with the MP6000.
  • Future-proofing technologies that converge at the point of sale: Retailers can choose an optional embedded customer side scanner to engage with current and future consumer smart phone apps, enabling shoppers to scan traditional paper-based and mobile loyalty cards, e-coupons, gift cards or even small impulse buys while the cashier scans other items in the order.
  • Reducing down time, cost of ownership and increasing ROI: The MP6000 has six ports allowing retailers to add new capabilities, such as electronic scales and electronic article surveillance (EAS) devices while providing expandability for future requirements like RFID.
  • The MP6000’s horizontal scan window was composed by the best-in-class sapphire glass, and is virtually impervious to scratches and attrition. Also, the MP6000 doesn’t utilize any moving parts in the scan engine, and will yield at least 30 percent less power consumption per lane compared to current laser-based bioptic scanners, greatly reduces malfunctions and maintenance cost, helping retailers to increase their equipment ROI.
  • After many years of experience of service in the retail industry, Motorola Solutions also offers retailers with complimentary end-to-end remote management software to enable the configuration of their MP6000 (scanner and scale) together with their attached peripherals anywhere in the world, further helping enterprises reduce their IT costs.


  • The LI2208 linear imager has been designed to capture virtually every 1D bar code, and is aimed at increasing productivity at the retail Point of Sale (POS), warehouses, for event registrations, and on the production line in light industrial manufacturing plants.
  • The Ll2208 can easily capture printed 1D bar codes on any medium from the most extreme angle. Just as easily, it can also capture high-density bar codes commonly used in specialty retail and electronic component manufacturing, and help the workers greatly increases their operational efficiencies.
  • The Ll2208 features an industry patented single circuit board, which eliminates the most common points of failure in bar code scanners, thus vastly increasing its durability. Offering a superior out-of-the-box experience, the Ll2208 automatically detects cables and differentiates between the additional ports used. It also does away with scanning multi parameter bar codes, and is an ideal fit for retailers and other businesses with high employee turnover rates and seasonal staffing.
  • On a practical side, the design of Ll2208 has been vigorously tested. As a result, it can withstand the shock of being dropped hundreds of times on a concrete floor, and can work under dusty and damp environments.

Michael Jiang, chairman and president, Motorola Solutions (China) Co., Ltd.
“Motorola Solutions has top-ranking research capability and prospective industrial insight. We are fully aware of what enterprises need, and we are absolutely devoted to meeting their demands with innovative products and solutions. Our two new scanners now offer retailers and light industrial manufacturers higher ROI on data capture solutions, and support our customers towards greater business aspirations.”


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