Top Hotels in India Adopting High Performance Wi-Fi from Motorola Solutions to Drive Loyalty and Greater Guest Satisfaction

Motorola Solutions WiNG5 Wi-Fi rolled out in top-tier hotels in 2012 by Convergent Communications

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014.

India, March 14, 2013 - Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) today announced that in 2012, several top-tier hotels adopted its WiNG5 based Wi-Fi solutions. Top local and international brands such as The Taj, Lemon Tree, Royal Orchid, Starwood, Park Plaza, and Spree Hotels added wireless networking from Motorola Solutions to ensure delivery of robust and reliable high speed internet access (HSIA), a pre-requisite for increasingly sophisticated guests who prefer hotels that provide premium quality wireless experience as a standard.

The key reason for the popularity of Motorola’s Wi-Fi solutions is the future ready wireless portfolio. The WiNG5 architecture which is central to the portfolio maximises 802.11n technology by fully distributing intelligence at the network edge to access points which are at the periphery of the network. Top hotels focused on winning loyal customers and impeccable guest experience prefer Motorola Solutions, as the wireless infrastructure is also able to support tools that error-proof, streamline and automate everyday processes to fully complement every interaction between guests and the hotel staffs, resulting in a positive experience and contributing to greater loyalty.

Key Facts:
- As early as 2011, Motorola Solutions conducted a hospitality market barometer survey to gain deep insights into future industry trends and imperatives. Hotels today must be ready to support growing numbers of Guest tablets and smartphones that use video conference applications, streaming video, music and VoIP.
- Tolly, the industry’s premier independent testing and strategic consulting organisation, in its report that studies Motorola and several competing solutions for remote branch office environments, concluded that WiNG5 architecture is best-in-class and delivered unique differentiation across several areas deemed critical for a wireless network in comparison to other leading industry solutions.
- AP6511 802.11n Wall Plate solution, the winner of Bronze award at 2012 Edison Best Product Awards, allows for an easy “plug and play” deployment within minutes at any location to support consistent high bandwidth requirements. Purposely designed for hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings, the AP uses existing CAT 5/6 cabling to cover multiple rooms with minimal site planning. A single AP 6511 can serve as a controller for up to 24 dependant 6511 access points to present a highly cost efficient option. The self-healing and SmartRF of WiNG5 ensures there are no blind spots.
WiNG5 distributes intelligence to the periphery of the network to ensure efficient network bandwidth utilisation, consistent availability of adaptive and self healing capabilities across the network. WiNG5 is central to Motorola’s Wi-Fi portfolio of switches and access points including the Guinness Record setting AP7131 802.11n access point.

Spokesperson’s Quotes:

Subodh Vardhan, Managing Director, Motorola Solutions India
“Motorola Solutions is in a unique position of strength. Our hospitality portfolio is diverse and comprehensive and follows a 360 degree approach to guest satisfaction. Our intelligent WiNG5 Wi-Fi network caters not only to the demanding high speed internet access and sophisticated in-room experience of a hotel guest; but also enables the hotel to move to a new level of operational efficiency that ensures every guest touch point results in a positive and exceptional experience.
Our solutions are designed to be simple, intuitive and sophisticated so that hospitality clients can focus their time and attention to their guests, and not on technology. Our customer deployment experience has shown that typically the client engineering team enjoys productivity gains of up to 30 per cent.”

Venkat Kedlaya, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Convergent Communications 
“We are among the leading providers of WLAN infrastructure solutions to the hospitality sector in India. Our customers include some of the top local and in international brands and they follow an uncompromising approach when it comes to customer service. Their quality benchmarks demands very high levels of robustness and reliability of the WLAN network which we have been able to deliver with consistency to gain customer confidence. Working with Motorola has been helpful in maintaining our very high standards of delivery. Their portfolio and hospitality specific innovations have helped us maintain an edge and differentiation both in terms of quality and investment assurance for our customers.”

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