Zebra Helps Global Manufacturers Increase Visibility Across Distribution centres

Zebra’s Operational Visibility Service maximises device performance and cost savings

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. – Feb. 27, 2017 –
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in providing solutions and services that give enterprises real-time visibility into their operations, is helping companies increase mobile device visibility in their operations. Zebra and its partner, Industrial Service Technology (IST) has helped Whirlpool Corporation improve mobile device management with the data, analytics and visibility to optimise their critical assets at 20 U.S. distribution centres through the use of  Zebra’s Operational Visibility Service™ (OVS) platform. This cloud-based, mobile device management and asset visibility platform helps manage mobile and vehicle-mounted computers so enterprises can make smarter business decisions with the data, analytics and visibility they need to ensure they are optimising their critical assets.


  • OVS gives enterprises the ability to sense if there is a problem with a mobile device or printer, analyse what the problem is and act on a solution in real-time, giving managers the data they need to make the right decision at the right time.
  • With OVS, IST can proactively manage the mix of mobile devices at distribution centres and understand the needs of the device pool at each of their sites.
  • OVS data includes battery performance, device utilisation, device location, configuration, device inventory, and more.
  • Companies can track utilisation by device which can be mapped to an associate to help create best practices across its distribution centre network.
  • With the OVS implementation, distribution centre rollouts were done remotely, resulting in a return on investment within two months.
  • To learn more about Whirlpool Corporation’s results, read the case study or watch the case study video.


Alison Jones, Senior Director of NAR Logistics, Whirlpool Corporation
“We are able to understand where our devices are and how they are being used, and we don’t need to buy equipment unnecessarily.  I emphasize with my logistics team to educate with data. That means we can provide good information to all of our leadership teams so we can make timely decisions that control costs and make sure our performance is up to par. With the combination of Whirlpool Corporation working with Zebra and IST, the technology future is unlimited.”

Ryan Julian, General Manager, Industrial Service Technology
“Zebra’s Operational Visibility Service has helped us save time and money through remote deployment. Now we can track how long the mobile devices are online, how many scans, battery life and other metrics that companies like Whirlpool are looking for to help increase productivity.”

Bobbie Ramsey, Senior Product Manager, Zebra Technologies
“OVS is designed to add visibility to the customer’s mobile environment. It pulls data that allows management in a central location to see what’s happening across multiple distribution centres.  That visibility allows them to make better business decisions based on real data.”

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