Like Many Military Actions, Maintenance and Repair Operations Still Require Manual Intervention. But That’s Precisely Why Technology is Becoming Invaluable, Says One Expert.

Zebra board member Dick Keyser talks about the correlation he’s seen between actionable intelligence and mission success over the past 50+ years, especially in service-oriented environments.

Zebra Board Member Dick Keyser
by Your Edge Blog Team
December 29, 2020

Zebra board member Dick Keyser knows a thing or two about being able to sense, analyze and act when both challenging and opportunistic situations arise. 

Though he joined the U.S. Navy to see the world, Dick (quite literally) found himself underwater for two years – and often “in the dark” as he tried to navigate his nuclear submarine safely and efficiently through the depths of vast oceans. He quickly came to appreciate the value that technology brings to those who need more operational visibility, which is one of the reasons why he spent the latter part of his career helping others become more intelligent users of technology.

He has seen firsthand how quickly everything from mobile computers to voice over IP (VoIP) and even RFID and 3D printing solutions can improve workflows that are traditionally very manual in nature, such as the exploration and production of oil and maintenance and repair (MRO) of fleet vehicles, aircraft, heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

He has also witnessed the consequences of delaying technology adoption in service-oriented environments. In fact, one of the reasons why his long-time employer W.W. Grainger, Inc. gained – and sustained – its competitive advantage in the 1990s was because it embraced digital technologies across its operations before its competitors. “Timing is everything” when it comes to technology implementations, he emphasized when we sat down to record the latest episode of the Your Edge podcast.

Listen to the 15-minute conversation now to hear Dick talk more about:

  • His storied military career during the Cold War era.
  • The similarities between mid-century and modern technology frameworks and applications (even though a lot of innovation has occurred between then and now).
  • The emerging use cases for both mobility solutions as well as more advanced technologies in maintenance and repair operations (MRO).  

He also gave us some very valuable expert tips on:

  • How to adapt workflows to leverage digital toolsets without disrupting operations, no matter your business model.
  • How to strengthen your channel in a way that benefits both your customers and your business.
  • Why more respect and credit need to be given to organizations that recognize excellence in learning, such as the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
  • Why you should travel with your grandchildren (when it’s safe to do so again)!

This is definitely an interview you won’t want to miss! Listen now:

Expert: Why Technology is Needed to Successfully Execute Manual Tasks

Your Edge Blog Team
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