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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™

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Take the Best next Action with Zebra’s Prescriptive Analytics Solution

Maximize efficiency, improve profits, increase margins and reduce shrink with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics. The latest addition to our Zebra Savanna™ platform, this robust retail software solution analyzes data identifying opportunities for improvement. It then sends a plain-text prescriptive action directly to an appropriate stakeholder, telling them exactly how to respond. No more complex reports, just simple actions that improve your retail edge.

Increase Sales

Find new, innovative ways to increase revenue and decrease costs. Zebra Prescriptive Analytics tackles both, analyzing and interpreting data for evidence of loss and positive sales behaviors that should be replicated to boost revenue. Root out cases of theft, fraud, coupon and markdown abuse, damages, and more, while identifying ways to increase labor efficiency, improve compliance, deploy training, and other practices that protect and grow your bottom line.

Drive a Smarter Supply Chain

An efficient and reliable supply chain requires heightened visibility and greater control over all areas of the business. With Zebra Prescriptive Analytics, you can uncover and resolve bottlenecks, close communication gaps, reduce shrink, boost productivity, optimize cost to serve and more. It all translates into a seamless and reliable supply chain that will improve overall sales and margins.

Everything About Prescriptive Analytics in 2 Mins

See how prescriptive analytics empowers employees at the edge to increase revenue, margins, efficiency and more. From its simple, bias-free corrective actions and near-real time alerts to machine learning-powered root cause analysis and simplicity of use, find out why this robust software solution is a critical asset for the world’s largest and most innovative retail and CPG organizations.

Prescriptive Analytics Use Cases

Woman holding shopping bags in a retail store.

Lift Sales and Prevent Fraud

Woman holding a tennis racket.

Turn Stock Data Into Profit

Man examining paint swatches in a store.

Access Insights Anytime, Anywhere

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Increase Visibility, Efficiency and Accuracy

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Increase Productivity and Do More with Less

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Better Demand Analysis

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More ROI from Campaigns and Promotions

Understand and Leverage Customer Data

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Close the Gaps Between Online and In-Store

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